May 30, 2011

a few FOTD's

Here are a few FOTD's (Face of the day). Feel free to follow me/bookmark/exit out haha

MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Espresso
MAC Gesso
MAC Dark Devotion
Maybelline Mascara
+(TBO I don't know the color of the pink pigment - it's matte and it was a sample from MAC, I'd like to know what it's called though!)

HD MUFE foundation
MAC the soft meow Blush
MAC studio fix

Prestige 206
Revlon Nude attitude
Sephora Baby Doll Pink lipgloss

(a few months old):
Maybelline purple eyeshadow
Maybelline neutral
MAC Espresso
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Revlon mousse foundation
MAC Studio Fix
MAC the soft meow blush
MUFE HD Powder

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick
MAC Espresso

More behind the cut:

May 28, 2011


It's no secret how much I love Zelda, so when I seen this I was in awe~!

My two favorite things in the entire world! Zelda + Makeup! By Shiro Cosmetics

I wish I knew about this sooner. I am going to buy at least samples of all these colors asap!
Here are the colors: (I love that all the names - are the colors of things in the games!)


May 26, 2011

First post - Nail art

I am pretty excited to get this blog going! My layout is getting better but my HTML is a little rusty ;3

I don't really know how to start out a first post! I hope that people will get inspirations and idea's from my blog posts I'm sure as time goes on I'll get a better feel on how I want to post and it'll be a little more organized. I plan on posting FOTD's, Makeup, Nails, Fashion, Beauty, Things I love, Japan, Cute things, etc. My blog is named Ceauty - pronounced cutie. But spelt like beauty. Get it D:

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