Mar 10, 2012

Anime/Manga Nail art

I'm sure anyone that knows me/has seen my blog/reads it knows I love Anime and Japan, I also obviously love nail art too~ so it only made sense to combine the two and create my first Anime/Manga nail art~! I've searched & searched on Google and I have yet to find anyone that has done these type of nails, I am excited to make them look better next time! Or even put them on a few different fingers! By the way - my nails are so short right now. I've made and learned from the huge mistake of using pure acetone to take my nail polish off. It actually ate my finger nails and they are so weak, thin and short. Will take a little while to return to my normal nail.

Bare with me with this hand, I forgot to put white nail polish on as a base for the paper, so that's why it looks wet-ish.

Oh! And if anyone was wondering, the manga is from Nana


  1. Iv just come across your blog.. I love it so much. Im now following x

  2. Mother of god....... How did you make it??????????????????? I wanna learn!!!!! *--*

  3. I cut them out of manga books! It was tricky at first!

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