Dec 1, 2011

Non-beauty related, Very-Baking related.

Here's all the baking I've done throughout October and November! Baking/cooking is one of my favorite things, it's really warming and calming to do, and it's the best to give baked goods as gifts.

Lavender-Vanilla Cupcakes with a Lemon-vanilla frosting, garnished w/ cooked lavender leaves

Pumpkin pie cupcakes w/ a Maple-Cinnamon frosting! Garnish: cinnamon
These might be my fav. cupcake combo I have ever came up with

Chocolate-Coconut Cupcakes w/ coconut-vanilla frosting
and coconut cream filling, garnish: coconut (these were inspired by 'mounds' candybar)

Mint Chocolate cupcakes. garnish: Edible green pearls & fresh mint leaves

Lavender cupcakes w/ Lavender-Vanilla frosting,
garnished with Lavender leaves

Pumpkin cupcakes w/ Vanilla cream cheese frosting (halloween cupcakes)

Pumpkin-Banana bread w/ Maple-cinnamon-pumpkin icing...drool....
(This was inspired by my pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting!)

Classic coconut cake

Good ol' pumpkin pie

Happy Holidays everyone, and Happy Baking~!!!!

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  1. i enjoyed "sampling" these delicious yummies!! i'm so lucky that my daughter loves to bake and cook!! YES !!!!!


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