Jun 19, 2012

Nail Strips topic.

Okay. I am sure a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one. I am not one for this nail strip craze! I'm pretty sure Minx was first with the whole stick on nail strips (If I am not mistaken?), mostly celebrities had them, now Sally Hansen has come up with a whole bunch of new ones.

I think that the nail strips are taking away the whole idea of nail art. They're making some people lazy and unappreciative of nail art and the dedication it takes for some people. I DO get that people don't have time and what not, but in the time that it takes you to peel each strip, place on 10 finger nails, file and etc. You could be painting your nails with your own colors, yourself. (Not to mention you can re-use your nail colors a million times, with those strips you can only use 'em once.) You could even add your own decal in that same amount of time.
I'm not trying to sound super negative or anything, and it's not really even that huge of a deal, I guess it just irritates me when I spend time on my nails and people ask if they are the nail strips.... u____u~ Or when I do someones nails, they end up telling me everyone thought they were the stick on nail strips!

Plus, there's more of a satisfaction when you get done doing your own nails. Feels rewarding!

See, these were fast and easy. And practice really does make perfect. When I first started doing nails I wasn't good at all. Keeeeep tryin'


  1. OMG it drives me mad when I do my nails and it takes me like 40 mins and then people say ''are they wraps?' FFS NO I TAKE THE TIME TO DO THEM MYSELF *sigh* I so feel your annoyance at these!!

  2. Haha! I am glad someone else knows what I am talking about also!


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