Feb 23, 2012

Want to help your dry, brittle, lifeless hair?

I do!

I have probably had just about every natural and unnatural hair colors throughout 8th grade - now. The thing that really killed my hair was getting my hair to platinum when I was in 8th grade, I didn't know about toner then so I used bleach-box-dye a million times to get it platinum. I tried to make it grow by dying it brown and other colors, but I just wasn't taking proper care of it. I have went to blonde probably 4 or 5 times in my life, and that has really taken a toll on my hair. My hair was so bad at one time that when it was wet, I could pull on the ends and they would be stretchy, like elastic! ick.

Now for about 2 years I have been really trying to take care of my hair. Ever since 9th grade I have wanted long hair, but it just hasn't happened yet. I've bought countless products/shampoo's/conditioners/etc. mostly from Sally's Beauty Supply, and none have made a difference to be honest... Everything has alcohol and other things in them that are just horrible for your hair.

A few months ago I researched different food items that are really good for your hair!
I made a little Olive Oil-Avocado Hair mask concoction, and it really does restore my super dry ends. I love it, I use it once a week (most people probably wouldn't have to use it that often but I want results and I want them NOW)

(These measurements aren't exact, I change them up sometimes depending on how dry my hair is)
1/4 c. *Olive oil
1/2 *Avocado
1-2 *Egg yolk
tablespoon *Honey
teaspoon *Lemon juice

Emulsify Olive Oil, honey and lemon juice with a Whisk. Mash ripe avocado with a fork. Whisk into olive oil blend. Then separate yolk from the egg, add to the rest and whisk once more. Heat in microwave for about 10 seconds or so (DO NOT leave in the Microwave, the egg in the mixture will become scrambled). Leave on hair for 15-30 mins. I have one of those conditioning heat-cap things that I use sometimes when I wear the hair mask, so that is good too.
Also a tip: when washing this out of your hair, wash it out with cool water- otherwise you will end up with scrambled egg hair. You can also mix conditioner with this mixture together if you don't want to go through leaving on a hair mask and stuff.

This really is food for your hair. Doesn't it make you feel a little better that you can put this on your hair as well as literally eat this?! Can you eat your chemical-filled shampoo's/conditioners? I guess you COULD, but it wouldn't be the best idea.
You can look up all of the benefits of these ingredients, there are so many!

Best of luck to anyone trying to grow their hair out or just wanting healthier hair! I want to try out more healthy options for hair. Anything else I learn/come up with I am going to share on my blog.

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