May 5, 2012 IS A SCAM


My uncle bought me a Ring Light for my camera for Christmas. It completely doesn't/didn't work. It's broken and just plain doesn't turn on, charge, anything. I called them 2 weeks after Christmas to get a refund and they said something along the lines "Oh, sure! It will be there in about 3 business weeks". Okay, so I waited. I called back after 4 weeks and they say "Oops, there's a wrong address", and that "they are sending a new one" Okay, So this was the 2nd time by now they re-read the address back. A week after that the same thing, 2 weeks after that a new excuse of "they never got my address in the first place". And about 5 more excuses have been told to me after that. Now, I called 2 weeks ago and they said "I am so sorry this never happens" and of course I actually kind of believed them a little bit. I didn't want to completely give up! Now the new one they said 2 weeks ago "it will be there 4/29/12 at 6pm." Has it came? no.  When I call, I have to give them my name, so now when I call I am on record and they tell me "Call back in 2 hours, there are no technicians available." (Lies)

Has anyone else ever gone through Sakar/know they are a scam or has had this happen to you? It just disgusts me a 'business' would be like this.

(Please re-post this to your blog or anywhere else for that matter. I don't want anyone else wasting money that they DON'T have.)

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